Hydrostatic and gas pressure testing

Hydrostatic and gas pressure testing

Full pressure testing capabilities are available for hydrostatic and gas testing requirements at Scotvalve Services. We have the capability for hydrostatic testing of up to 30,000psi and gas testing of up to 10,000psi.

Our test pit capable of containing 250,000 litres of water, can be used for both hydrostatic and gas testing and also comprises a 12 inch thick blast door to provide maximum safety. The water capability is delivered through a unique rainwater harvesting system captured on site providing an environmentally sensitive solution.

In addition we have two surface test cells providing separate testing capability for smaller components.

The workshop is also equipped with an accumulated LP 3000psi line to allow for high volume, low pressure function and testing of equipment, running tools and components.

Part of the Petrofac Group

Scotvalves Services is part of the Petrofac Group, a leading international service provider to the oil and gas production and processing industry.