Field Services

Scotvalve Services recognises the importance to customers of providing a full support service which includes field service requirements to meet challenging conditions.

This means that in addition to workshop services, Scotvalve Services also supplies technical teams to perform repair, maintenance and certification services offshore.

Typical Project Requirments

A major operator came to us with a requirement to carry out inspection, testing and recertification on a UK North Sea platform.  A team of four men from our specialist offshore technicians team was mobilised to complete the work, which had to be carried out in a tight operating window and consisted of full testing and recertification of 43 gate valves and three choke valves.

Typical Scotvalve Solution

The team - which consisted of two team leaders, one Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technician and one offshore technician - was split into two teams so they could work both day and night giving 24 hour continuous cover in order to achieve the tight turnaround required by the customer.

Eighteen valves failed inspection and had to be sent to Scotvalve Services’ onshore repair facility for full repairs (machining, welding heat treatment and NDT testing) while the remaining valve recertification work was carried out at site offshore.

All valves were completed on schedule and the choke and kill manifold was re-commissioned in time for the drilling campaign.

This is one of many occasions when Scotvalve Services has achieved quality results and minimised down time for customers in challenging circumstances

Part of the Petrofac Group

Scotvalves Services is part of the Petrofac Group, a leading international service provider to the oil and gas production and processing industry.